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YFTK Speed Style RDA 14mm YFTK Speed Style RDA 14mm
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YFTK Speed Style RDA 14mm Description:YFTK Speed style RDA is a BF atomizer, facilitating the actual dripping with the incidental bottom feeder pin. Constructed in stainless steel, YFTK Speed style RDA is efficient to serve you for a long time with a strong performance. You would find it easy as a p..
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YFTK Squape S Style BF RDA 22mm
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YFTK Squape S Style BF RDA 22mm Description:YFTK Squape S Style BF RDA is constructed in 316 stainless steel, featuring the lightweight and excellent performance, standing the test of durability and practicability in the long-term use. The incidental BF pin makes it perfect to match with a squonk mo..
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Description:Yosta MVC RDA is superior of a wide coil deck, which simplify the rebuilding and removing. The orgaopuii cotton is wrapped upon the coil, better to absorb the dripping oil so that transferring a more intense flavor. Main Features:1. Detachable structure, effortless to clean2. Side airflo..
$15.48 $25.98
Ex Tax:$15.48
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