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Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm
-30 %
Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm Description:Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA is a co-presented product, keeping much wisdom in one to make it a satisfying atomizer in creating a pleasant taste. You can finish the single-coil rebuilding with less effort benefited from the dual post by the side. Thopqr ..
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Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm
-28 % In Stock
Asmodus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm Description:Barrage RDA is a cooperated product designed by Asmodus and Thesis. The airflow system is located at the top, efficient to avoid leakage while responsible for a smooth flavor. The single-coil deck with dual posts by sides, making room for you to effortle..
$26.99 $37.49
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Atom Njord RDA Atom Njord RDA
-24 % In Stock
Atom Njord RDA DescriptionAtom Njord RDA was born through a collaboration between Atomvapes and the renowned Norwegian aerodynamics engineer Morten Oen. After months of design and R&D by both parties, the Atom Njord RDA was perfected. It incorporates triple angled airflow specifically placed in orde..
$32.80 $43.30
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Augvape Occula RDA Augvape Occula RDA
-27 % In Stock
Augvape Occula RDA Description:Augvape Occula RDA is a delicate rebuildable atomizer, made of stainless steel and built with innovative internal dual posts. 10mm drip tip and dual sides airflow system provide you with an intense and smooth vaping experience.Main Features1. Dual sides airflow system,..
$28.58 $39.08
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Augvape Templar RDA Augvape Templar RDA
-31 % In Stock
Augvape Templar RDA Description:Augvape Templar RDA is a forthright atomizer, transferring your throat a strong hit as soon as you add a few drops of ijk from the drip tip. Augvape Templar RDA built with a side airflow system, you would be immersed in an abundant cloud while vaping, enhancing the sm..
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C2MNT Cosmonaut V2 Style RDA 25mm C2MNT Cosmonaut V2 Style RDA 25mm
-43 % In Stock
Description:C2MNT Cosmonaut V2 Style RDA, equipped with a postless coil deck, side airflow system and wide-bore drip tip, is bound to create a well-content vaping experience for you with the simple coil rebuilding, plump taste and smooth performance. 2 colors optional.Main Features: 1. Postless desi..
$13.86 $24.36
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C2MNT Style RDA 24mm C2MNT Style RDA 24mm
-56 %
C2MNT Style RDA 24mm Description:Although C2MNT Style RDA is compact in size, it is well-equipped with a developed side airflow system and wide-bore drip tip, efficient to bring you a mellow taste with dense vapor and mature flavor. 2 colors optional.Main Features:1. Large-bore drip tip, access to a..
$8.34 $18.84
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Carnage Style RDA 316SS 25mm Carnage Style RDA 316SS 25mm
Custom Labels -39 % In Stock
Carnage Style RDA 316SS 25mm Description:Carnage Style RDA is constructed in 316 stainless steel, efficient to be fadeless and non-deformed after long-term use. The side airflow system consists of 2 types of air slots, a larger one and 3 small air holes, capable of satisfying you whether you prefer ..
$16.19 $26.69
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Coppervape Royal Atty DB Style RDA 22mm Coppervape Royal Atty DB Style RDA 22mm
-56 % In Stock
Coppervape Royal Atty DB Style RDA 22mm Description:Coppervape Royal Atty DB Style RDA is efficient to serve you as a cloud producer or taste concentrator depending on whether there is a chamber inside or not. The configuration of dual posts facilitates installing the single coil with less effort. Y..
$8.34 $18.84
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Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA
-36 % In Stock
Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA Description:Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA is a squonk-friendly dripping atomizer with a 24k gold-plating positive pin. The flexible bottom airflow system with 4 types of diameter allows you to fix one in views of your preference. Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA is for a fresh and saturated taste th..
$19.05 $29.55
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Cthulhu Mjolnir RDA 24mm Cthulhu Mjolnir RDA 24mm
-31 % In Stock
Cthulhu Mjolnir RDA 24mm Description:Cthulhu Mjolnir RDA is equipped with a single-coil deck guarded by dual posts on either side, efficient to simplify the rebuilding. The configuration of the dual-chamber performs well in dissipating the heat, facilitating to keep the temperature in a savory one. ..
$23.81 $34.31
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Damn Vape Dread BF RDA 24mm Damn Vape Dread BF RDA 24mm
-30 % In Stock
Damn Vape Dread BF RDA 24mm Description:Damn Vape Dread BF RDA is constructed with a patent trident-post deck and lolly coil, which are conducive to flatten the cotton, balance the wicking and enlarge the heating area, effective to reduce the ijk consumption and thicken the taste. What's more, you c..
$24.21 $34.71
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