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Digiflavor Drop RDA 24mm Digiflavor Drop RDA 24mm
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Digiflavor Drop RDA 24mm Description:Digiflavor Drop RDA is built with 4 large post holes around the coil deck to impress on you with a simple rebuilding experience. There is a locking top cap inside the airflow system with 20 air holes, working on controlling the tightness of the airflow, adjusting..
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Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA 22mm Standard Edition Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA 22mm Standard Edition
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Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA 22mm Standard Edition Description:Digiflavor Drop solo RDA is constructed in stainless steel, standing the test of the durability and impact in daily use. Featuring the well-equipped airflow system, Digiflavor Drop solo RDA is effortless and effective to control the airflow ..
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DJV - DEJAVU RDA Main Features:1. Unique build deck for easy dual coils building2. Adjustable side airflow and opened 4-tube bottom airflow3. Deep ijk well4. BF pin included5. Diameter: 25mm6. Thread: 5107. Spare parts bag: coils, o-rings, BF pin, screwdrivers, screws Specification Product Detai..
$32.15 $42.65
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DOVPO Variant RDA 22mm DOVPO Variant RDA 22mm
-36 %
DOVPO Variant RDA 22mm Description:DOVPO Variant RDA is applicable to the DOVPO Topside Lite TC Squonk Mod Kit. The DOVPO Variant RDA is rich in the dual coil configuration, efficient to speed up the heating and capture a more mellow taste. The side airflow system consists of 8 air holes on either s..
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Ehpro Kelpie BF RDA 24mm Ehpro Kelpie BF RDA 24mm
-27 %
Ehpro Kelpie BF RDA 24mm Description:Ehpro Kelpie BF RDA requires you to install a single coil to complete the postless deck and then concentrate the heating to create a satisfying vaping experience. The side airflow system allows you to customize the strength of the taste and the thickness of the v..
$27.99 $38.49
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Description:We always regard vapers' satisfaction as our belief, trying to find these e-cigarettes with simple operation, powerful performance and cost-effective price for your choice. Ehpro LOCK RDA is the one! Featuring of press style coil building, side airflow system and selective material, wish..
$21.60 $32.10
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Ehpro Panther RDA Ehpro Panther RDA
-39 %
Ehpro Panther RDA Description:Ehpro Panther RDA is constructed with stainless steel and resin, with smooth touching feeling and superior durability. Vertical bottom airflow system reduces the path of air around the RDA, effective to thicken the vapor and flavor.Main Features:1. Stainless steel body,..
$16.35 $26.85
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EX Style RDA 304SS 24mm EX Style RDA 304SS 24mm
-33 % In Stock
EX Style RDA 304SS 24mm Description:EX Style RDA features the 150 degrees side flip cap, leaving a larger room for a simple dripping liquid into the burning coil deck with a single post design. The bottom airflow system includes 8 air holes and 2 slots, acting on exchanging the air inside with the o..
$21.22 $31.72
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Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm
-34 %
Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm Description:Footoon Aqua master RDA(24mm) wins with the superior portability and all-match style, fitting well with your device with a 510 connector. Footoon Aqua master RDA constructed in stainless steel, with a certain of hardness and toughness, it stands the test of t..
$20.24 $30.74
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Gas Mods G.R.1 S RDA 22mm Gas Mods G.R.1 S RDA 22mm
-44 %
Gas Mods G.R.1 S RDA 22mm Description:Comparing the former edition, Gas Mods G.R.1 S RDA makes some improvements in details, such as replacing original 2 screws with 4 new-style ones, reserving an opening on either side of the post and so on, contributing to enhancing your vaping experience with sim..
$13.58 $24.08
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Gas Mods Nixon S RDA Gas Mods Nixon S RDA
-32 % In Stock
Gas Mods Nixon S RDA Description:Gas Mods Nixon S RDA is built with a single coil deck and bottom airflow system, which greatly simplify the rebuilding and enhance the vapor. Abundant in 2 constructions and 9 colors, come to find the one you prefer!Main Features:1. Single coil deck, easy to build up..
$22.62 $33.12
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Gas Mods Nova RDA Gas Mods Nova RDA
-35 % In Stock
Gas Mods Nova RDA Description:Gas Mods Nova RDA is designed to innovate your vaping experience with wearable material, pure flavor and abundant vapor. The Gas Mods Navo RDA bottom-feeding design makes it available to transform a direct and strong hit to your throat. Main Features:1. Stainless steel ..
$19.76 $30.26
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